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Erev Shabbat Service

October 29, 2021 7:00 pm

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Welcome to Beth Am Shalom

B'ruchim haba-im b'sheim Adonai

Blessed are you who have come in the name of Adonai.

Of all the Jewish institutions and organizations which offer important services and do good work, only one creates Jews — the Synagogue. Thus, the Synagogue assures the continuation of the other organizations and their work, because the synagogue assures the continuation of Judaism by creating Jews.

We accomplish this central and sacred task at Beth Am Shalom by providing spiritual, educational and social programs for our members and community. During Shabbat and festival worship and the celebration and observance of life cycle events, we strive to bring Jews closer to God, their families and the Jewish people. Through sermons, lectures and discussions, we endeavor to give Jews a deeper understanding of and appreciation for Torah and our Jewish heritage. With our social and festive gatherings, we want to create warmth and fellowship among our people Israel.

As a Reform Congregation, we welcome all who would join us. We welcome you to join us in prayer and celebration and in the study of Torah. We approach Torah with an open examination of our tradition in light of contemporary knowledge and understanding. We emphasize that prayer and learning must lead to action in our lives, the lives of our families and in the world. We serve God best by serving others.

As rabbi, I encourage you to learn more about us by reading this website, and I invite you to visit us for any of our programs and services or just give me a call.

Rabbi Stephen D. Gold

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