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about us

We provide spiritual, educational and social programs for our members and the community. During Shabbat and festival worship and the celebration and observance of life cycle events, we attempt to bring Jews closer to God, their families and the Jewish people. Through sermons, lectures and discussions, we strive to give Jews a deeper understanding of and appreciation for Torah, our Jewish heritage. With our social and festive gatherings, we seek to create warmth and fellowship.

As a Reform Congregation, we welcome all who would join us. We welcome you to join us in prayer and celebration and in the study of Torah. We approach Torah with an open examination of our tradition in light of contemporary knowledge and understanding. We emphasize that prayer and learning must lead to action in our lives, the lives of our families and in the world.

We welcome you and hope that you will become active participants at Beth Am Shalom.


Shabbat Services

Shabbat Services begin at 7:00pm on all Friday evenings.

Family Shabbat Services

Once a month, usually the 1st Friday of the month, is our Family Service. This service begins at 7pm. Please note that Family Service dates do sometimes change, so please check The Monthly Shofar or call the Temple office. The music at our Family services is led by the Junior Choir.

Tot Shabbat

A fun, creative service for children of all ages! Please call the Temple office for details.

Activities & participation

We regard our synagogue as an extended family in which people are willing to be there for each other. Members are asked to work on Temple functions and to serve on committees. Temple honors members by calling on them to participate during religious services to, sing Kiddish, read Torah or Haftorah blessings, open the arc and sit on the bima.