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B’ruchim Haba-im    Blessed are you who come

Beth Am Shalom is a gathering place for people to worship, to study the teachings of Judaism, to celebrate our heritage and to fulfill all the traditional roles of a synagogue:

  • Beit Ha-tefilah House of Prayer
  • Beit Ha-sefer House of Learning
  • Beit Ha-kneset House of Community

Our mission

is to build Jewish identity, support the people and land of Israel and ensure that the Jewish community will grow and remain vibrant into the next generation.


House of Prayer

Beth Am Shalom supports, encourages, comforts, and, most of all, shares the bitter and the sweet, which are the soul of Judaism. In addition to Shabbat and Holiday Services, we share Baby Namings, B’nei Mitzvah, Wedding Anniversaries, and Yahrzeits.


House of Learning

Beth Am Shalom is truly a House of Learning because we encourage our members of all ages to be involved in learning about Judaism and Jewish-related topics. We have a dynamic and innovative religious school and also encourage adults with a variety of programs. Topics have included Hebrew reading, Reform Jewish Theology, and Jewish bio-medical ethics, films, history, literature, and more.


House of Community

The Sanctuary is used for religious observances, life cycle ceremonies, concerts, and guest speakers.
The Banquet Hall is used for B’nei Mitzvah and Wedding Receptions as well as Temple dances and dinners, carnivals, Oneg Shabbats, and Kiddush after services.

The Library, in addition to housing our Temple’s books and resources for study, is a multifunctional hall that can be used as a small chapel, a meeting room, a small auditorium for Temple speakers, and a space for receptions and celebrations.


As a Reform Congregation, we welcome you to join us in prayer and celebration and in the study of Torah. We approach Torah with an open examination of our tradition in light of contemporary knowledge and understanding. We emphasize that prayer and learning must lead to action in our lives, the lives of our families and in the world. We serve God best by serving others.

I encourage you to learn more about us by visiting our website and liking us on FaceBook. I invite you to join us for any of our programs and services.

Rabbi Stephen D. Gold

B’ruchim haba-im b’sheim Adonai

Beth Am Shalom: Reform Jewish Congregation Est. July, 2007 by the merger of Temple Beth Am and Temple Beth Shalom. Temple Beth Am’s history goes back to 1949. It was the dream of a handful of families who wanted an intimate and personal synagogue that would express their religious needs in the modern world. Temple Beth Shalom started in the 1920s when a group of local farmers got together. The two Temples became one in 2007 and relocated to our beautiful new home in 2010. Among other things, we are proud of our stained glass windows from Beth Shalom and the Holocaust Torah, which we hold for safekeeping from a synagogue south of Prague, Czechoslovakia. With our social and festive gatherings, we strive to give Jews a deeper understanding of and appreciation for Torah, our Jewish heritage. We emphasize that prayer and learning must lead to action in our lives, the lives of our families and in the world. We welcome all those seeking a warm and caring Jewish community. Please join us!

House of the People of Peace

The vibrancy of Judaism practiced at Beth Am Shalom is the result of the initiatives and efforts of our members. We are all volunteers united to serve the synagogue, the Jewish community, and the wider world. Beth Am Shalom sets an example of ethical action, makes Judaism real in the lives of our people, and exemplifies the Jewish values of:

  • Study of Torah – teaching and learning the fundamentals of our faith
  • Tzedakah – seeking justice for all and treating all people justly, performing righteous deeds
  • Rachmanut – being compassionate, loving all God’s children
  • Yisrael – connecting each congregant with the people and land of Israel


Groups and Committees

Adult Education, Bingo, Building & Grounds, Cemetery, Chavurah, Fund Raising, Financial Arrangements, Junior Youth Group, Membership, Men’s Club, Mitzvah & Caring, Oneg Shabbat, Religious School, Rentals, Social Action, Special Events, Sisterhood, Publicity and Senior Youth Group.