What Our Teachers are Teaching

Welcome to Third Grade Hebrew School where every student loves to learn! My name is Mora Farrah and in our class this year we are going to learn to read Hebrew with excitement and fluency. We are going to learn about all of the Jewish Holidays that mean so much to us historically, spiritually, and traditionally. In our class we are learning about a land not so far away that all Jews can call home. A beautiful land filled with desert, cities, beaches, wonderful people, and a rich history. In our class we are learning exactly what it means to be a proud Jewish person in today’s world and we are loving every minute of it…don’t believe me???…well let’s ask the children so you can can read for yourself what they think.

When asked: What do you think of Third Grade Hebrew School, what do you like best, and how do you feel about it?

Evan S. answered: “I like Hebrew School because it’s fun and I get to learn new things about my religion, about being a Jew. I especially like learning all of the Hebrew letters and being able to put them into words that I can read and even understand too. I really like learning about Israel. The Great Israel Scavenger Hunt is my favorite book because it’s really cool and fun to learn about the history of Jewish people in Israel and about what it might be like to actually live there or visit Israel one day. I also really enjoy our class parties and when we play games like Hebrew hang man!”

Kayla C. answered: “I really like working in the Primer (Hebrew text book) the best! I like to learn all of the new letters and I’m really good at reading too! I really enjoyed learning the Israeli national anthem, the Hatikvah.
Mora Farrah taught our class how to memorize and sing the song together and I really look forward to singing it with my friends every single time we come to class. I also like that I learned to read and say some prayers too, like over food before we eat or lighting the candles on the Menorah.”

Miles N. answered: “I like religious school because I really enjoy learning about Israel the country that the Jewish people come from and can call home. I also really like the Hebrew language. I like learning how to speak it and read it. I also like how My teacher taught us how to say different prayers for different foods before we eat, like at snack time. And the best part about Hebrew School is learning more about being Jewish.”

Jacob Y. answered: “I really like learning to read Hebrew and form new words. I enjoy learning about Israel because it’s where the Jewish people come from and it seems like a really cool place to visit. I like learning about all of the different holidays and prayers too. In the beginning of school I was really nervous because I never went to Hebrew School before and I didn’t know what I was getting myself into and now I feel great because I made lots of friends and I really like my teacher because she makes learning really easy and fun!”

Seth C. answered: I enjoy coming to Hebrew school because I get to learn new things with my friends. Third grade religious school has been my favorite so far because we do more learning and more fun stuff like learning to sing the Hatikvah. I also really like my teacher to because she makes learning Hebrew really fun and easy with silly tricks to remember letters, vowels, and words. And she gives us lollipops and Hershey kisses when we do good in class.

Addison L. answered: “The thing that I like the best about Hebrew school is learning to read and speak Hebrew. I like it because it makes my Saba very proud. It makes him happy to see me learn because he used to live in Israel and one day I’d like to go there too! Learning about Israel and being Jewish can open up more possibilities for me. I look forward to seeing my friends and my teacher, she makes learning Hebrew really enjoyable. I feel smarter in third grade Hebrew and I feel like I’m learning a lot and that makes me feel amazing!”

Josh W. answered: “I enjoy learning new things like words and letters and vowels and how to read Hebrew. Learning Hebrew will help me get to my Bar Mitzvah and I think I’m doing really good so far. I really like my teacher because she makes learning silly and fun and she taught me new stuff this year about holidays and the Hatikvah. I like singing the Hatikvah because it makes me feel proud to be Jewish. Sometimes I sing the Hatikvah to myself when I’m at home andI even sing it to myself when I’m in regular school too.”

Well, there you have it! Doesn’t that make you want to come back to Third Grade too? If someone were to ask me the same question as I had asked the children, I guess my answer would be simple: “My favorite part of Hebrew School is teaching your children and learning new things with them…because they too…teach me!”

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