BAS Senior Youth Group News March 2016

YSG_Lake1Sunday, February 28, was one of those times when plans had to be changed for various reasons. Ice Skating on this balmy, sunny day made no sense. So the Beth Am Shalom Senior Youth Group winged it.

We still had lunch at J-II Kosher Restaurant. The pizza was delicious. To walk off the many calories we strolled through the shops in the plaza which included Judaica Plaza which had an amazing selection of Purim costumes and other items for the holiday. The girls were interested in many aspects of the store most especially that it totally caters to the Jewish community. We also visited Center of Town and other stores in the plaza.


Isabelle and Kaitlyn Eisenstein having fun in Lakewood.

Our next stop was Lake Carasaljo where we saw the native fowl and the inanimate Swan Boats. People were flying kites and playing on swings. A wonderful site was watching the girls on the swings. Nature at its best.

Our next stop was another store catering to the Jewish community called Creative Kids.

Our last stop was a dessert treat at a local bakery. All in all the change in plans worked out very well and beautiful gifts from G-d, the warmth and the sun did not go to waste. A very meaningful afternoon for all.

Next month(date to be announced), we will return to Leisure Park for another round of manicures which were requested.

Submitted by: Connie Zirin, Youth Group Advisor

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