A note from the President of BAS Men’s Club

Hats … l wear quite a few as do all of you. I’m a husband, a father, President of Men’s Club, a member of the religious school committee, Chairman of the fundraising committee and I work Bingo three weeks per month. Serving you and our Temple is an honor and I’m hoping that, with your support, we can become much more than just a congregation. Imagine a Temple family who comes together often not only for prayer but for education and association. Imagine this extended family being there for one another through good times and bad. Imagine our children and grandchildren feeling like BAS is their home away from home. Imagine creating an environment of acceptance and respect regardless of our differences. The bottom line is we share a unique and wonderful heritage that we all want to sustain. Why am I saying all this? Because, in order to attain these dreams, I need your help. We’ve been planning events to not only raise funds for Temple but to bring us together socially. A list of dates and events will be forthcoming. We welcome your input … get involved and let us know what you’d like to see here.

Please join us …. young, old and in between. Together everyone achieves more!

I wish you Shalom, Peace.

Richard Eisenstein

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