Each category has a dues amount established by the Board of Trustees.

While it is not necessary to pay the full dues amount immediately, signing up for a payment option or 25% of the dues amount is required in order to receive High Holiday tickets.

Beth Am Shalom • Dues Schedule


One partner over 35 & both under 60 with children


A couple with both partners under the age of 35 having one or more dependent children


A couple with at least one partner 60 years or over having one or more dependent children


An unmarried adult not living together in a committed relationship with another unmarried adult, and
having one or more children


A couple with at least one partner over the age of 35 and neither partner over the age of 60


Both partners under 35


One partner 60 or over


A couple who apply for membership after they become engaged, and continuing for a maximum of 18 months or until their first wedding anniversary, whichever is shorter.


Unmarried 35-60 years of age – not in part of another group


An unmarried individual under 35 years of age and not part of any other member unit


Unmarried 60 or over


Previous member of 5 yrs, living greater than 35 miles away

Beth Am Shalom • BUILDING FUND


Paid in equal amounts over 5 years


Paid in equal amounts over 5 years (65 and over are exempt from the Building Fund)



Members paying Building Fund are exempt


Quarterly: One-fourth due beginning of July, October, January & April.
Monthly: Payments must be set up for credit card or ACH by August 15th.
First deduction would start in August. Late sign-ups would require catching up past payments.


If you are experiencing financial difficulty, please contact us. Your Temple family is here to assist you through tough times while maintaining your full membership. Be assured that this information is held in confidence.