Torah Study for Adults

Sunday, April 10th at 10:15 AM.


Photo by Lawrie Cate

Our Next Torah Study will be held on Sunday, April 10th at 10:15 AM (during the Kibbitz Kafe now dubbed, Kibbitz Kafe + (TORH!) and during Religious School Hours) so all members, including religious school parents can study Torah when their children are learning too.  You do not need to be a BAS member to participate.  We welcome you.

By all means, review the portion before we meet and bring whatever translation/text you would like.  We will also have translated texts available.

We will study: Parashat M’tzora:  Leviticus 14:1-15:33

The Eternal One spoke to Moses, saying: “This shall be the ritual for a leper at the time of being purified .” – Leviticus 14:1-2


·        Priestly rituals to cure tzaraat (a skin condition) when it afflicts humans are described. (14:1-32)
·        Rituals to rid dwelling places of tzaraat are presented. (14:33-57)
·        The parashah denotes male impurities resulting from a penile discharge or seminal emission. (15:1-18)
·        The parashah concludes with accounts of female impurities caused by a discharge of blood. (15:19-33)

TOPICS: Impurity, Leprosy, Mold, Purity, Ritual

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