Teachers March Update

Cant believe the year is whizzing by… So much happening in the 4th and 5th Grade…

Hebrew Reading is moving along beautifully with tic tac toe championships, connect four competition, Hebrew Bingo and puzzles and of course our Homework Club with a free surprise.

4th grade has learned all the food blessings reinforced with making popcorn, tangerine shish kabobs and grape juice ices.

5th grade is learning different mitzvos,(good deeds) we have made happy pins, doorknobs and get well cards. Kosher symbol contest is underway in the 5th grade.

Chanukah was so much fun with donuts decorating, fun sheets and a massive dreidel game with REAL money!

Getting ready for our service on March 2nd ! Practice, Practice and more Practice!!!

So much to look forward to with the Holiday of Purim ( Puppets ) and Pesach ( Passover )
Don’t forget to bring your Helmets!

Keep Coming!

Mrs. Malamud