Erev Shabbat Service

Erev Shabbat Service


time 7:30 pm

April 13, 2018

  • Trees in Israel

    Beth Am Shalom continues to sell, "Trees in Israel" through the Jewish National Fund. Do you have a simcha such as births, birthdays, engagements, weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs or anniversaries that you wish to honor, and/or a death that you want to memorialize? The cost is $18.00 per tree. You can purchase individual trees, a ring of trees (3), a circle of trees (5), or an orchard of trees (10). Please contact Fran Gimpel, 732-657-7120 and give her the name of the honoree or decedent, and the name and address where to send the acknowledgement. (Donations to this program will be listed on the Tzedakh Page)
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    • A Conversation
      The following piece is a dialogue.  It never took place.  It is not, however, totally imagined.  It is a product of many discussions with several people over a period of years.  It is also the result of much of my own thinking, reading and listening.  Sam is a made-up person. Sam:  Hey, Rav!  Rav Zhav,  […]
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    • September 2018
      It’s September, so much is going on. We are all preparing for the Holy Days later on this month. Just a few things to think about Take time to notice all the beauty of our house of worship, lots of people spend lots of time to have it spruced up for our Holy Days We […]